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All That You Have To Know About RN To BSN Course

BSN (Bachelor Science of Nursing) program is gaining prominence each day. Though you practice as a Register nurse (RN) already, BSN programs offers you exposure to a varied number of subject matters like Humanities, Social Science and even in math. This knowledge will help you greatly in taking up jobs as chief nurse in any health care centers in US or Canada. Also, by acquiring degree from RN to BSN you can also improve your income. You can become a registered nurse with completion of just two years of associated degree. But, in case of RN BSN, it is a four years program and it is worth to take up too. Before enrolling yourself to the program, it is important that you have to know several facts about it, and clear the air by comparing RN BSN programs.

Eligibility to Enroll in BSN program

The eligibility criteria that is set up to enroll in RN to BSN program differs in different institute. But, the basic eligibility is to complete certain prerequisite courses with a minimum point of 2.5 to 3, based on the institute to which you are planning to apply. Also the eligibility criteria differ when you directly register to RN BSN program. Your work experience will also be taken into consideration during admission.

Course Information

Once admitted in to the course after completion of all prerequisite courses, you have to earn certain credits in the four years term for successful completion of the course. You can avail this course in a number of ways like regular, distance education or online programs.

  • On-Campus course: As a registered nurse, you might already be aware of the basics of nursing. So, the curriculum of this RN to BSN is little advanced, to cover topics that were not covered in other basic course. Various units including Research and leadership are also included, to make the course worthy for you.
  • Online programs: If you do not have enough time to spend 4 years in completing the course, then Online RN to BSN programs comes as a boon for you. When you are actually practicing as a Registered nurse, you can still continue your studies too. This is entirely based on the system of credits and the course can be completed even in the time frame of one year. Once you complete the specified amount of credits, then you are done with the online RN to BSN program, after which you can start practicing as a BSN.
  • Transfer course: There are also 2 year programs available in RN BSN, wherein you can transfer the credits earned in the earlier course and complete all the necessary credits within this two year period to complete the course. So after completion of associate degree as Registered nurse, you can complete the BSN program in just two years.

You also have the liberty of choosing up few subjects according to the specialization that you plan to make after completion of the course. And based on the subject, the credit accumulation will also change.

Information on Pay

Another valuable reason, for which you can prefer for this course, is the high pay that you will get after completion of the course. Whether it is a regular course or online RN to BSN program it offers you with a rise in pay of at least $25,000 a year. Also this may even go up based on your performance and grading in the course.

Direct RN To MSN Program With Easy Admission Procedure

For all those who are working as Registered nurse, RN to MSN program can bring about a drastic change in your career. These direct programs are of great help, not just for the fresh students, but also for professionals already working as registered nurse. Also, you can save a lot of time through this program. When you go for a BSN program, it will take about four years for completion. But in case of a combined program, it will take only a maximum of three years. That too with online programs, you can complete it even more quickly. With the number of credits earned quickly, you can complete the program soon too.

Admission requirements and procedure

For admission into the direct MSN degree program, you have to fulfil basic eligibility criteria. This includes completion of RN program and should be certified as a Registered Nurse. You can apply for RN to MSN program with the score obtained from the associate degree. The CGPA obtained in that degree should at least be 2. This varies for different institutes and you can apply for the institute for which your score is eligible.

If you fulfil all the eligibility criteria, then the admission procedure is relatively very simple. All that you have to do is, submit an application form, which is specific for each university. If you are not confident about securing admission from a single institute, you can apply for more than one. You also have to pay a little amount as fee along with application. If your application gets selected, you will then be intimated about the submission of relevant documents and other admission procedures, which is specific for each institution. Being a RN, you already would have undergone all background check and health requirements, so these certificates can save you a lot of time in going through the formalities all over again.

Why to go for direct MSN instead of BSN?

When you register yourself for RN MSN program, you can save time in admission procedure that you have to carry out in case of separate completion of BSN and then MSN program. Also, the admission for MSN degree is a little more complicated, rather than applying for a direct course. The standard of admission procedure is more, with high requirement of GPA and interview process. So, when you take up direct admission, you can bypass all these tedious process.

Apart from regular course, RN to MSN online program gives you scope for carrying on with your job and gain work experience, simultaneously completing your second degree too. Also, in case of online programs, the completion of credits determines the completion of your MSN degree. So, by direct enrolment, you can finish off the entire course in just a few years based upon your potential to complete the credit earnings. Also, another added advantage is that, a continuous study without any break will let you be in touch with the course and help you in understanding the link between the subjects better.

Curriculum of the program

The curriculum of both the regular as well as RN to MSN Online Programs is almost similar covering all course material related to the bachelors and masters degree. The credits are distributed among both the courses. It is more in case of bachelor’s degree subject in comparison with master’s degree.

  • Bachelor’s degree course material: This covers all fundaments of physiology, bioethics, microbiology and genetics. You can also choose an elective based on your interest. This selection of elective will help you in choosing a particular job field. The credits that have to be earned from this course is somewhere between 90 and 100. This also changes with the introduction of program by different universities. The credits determined are different in case of RN-MSN online.
  • Master’s degree course material: This covers an advanced course that is more specifically related to management of a hospital or health care centre, along with finance and understanding of other organizational goals. This credit earning is almost half of that earned out of bachelor’s degree, though the course is at an advanced level.

Criteria for successful completion of the entire course

Though the admission procedure for a direct Online RN to MSN program is simple in comparison with the admission procedure into BSN to MSN program, you still have to perform consistently to successfully complete the entire course. You will be directly admitted to MSN degree after completion of associate degree. But, you have to first take in all course material related to BSN degree, and only on successful completion of all the course material and gain a minimum GPA as determined by the university, you will be able to carry on with the MSN course. In this way, the standard and quality of studies in maintained in direct RN MSN courses. You can also transfer the credits earned in the associate degree,

Career Outlook and Increased pay

The successful completion of the course opens up the door for a whole lot of career opportunities. With the chosen elective subject, you can search for a job with that specialization. Whether it is oncology or paediatrics or gynaecology, you can choose the job which interests you. Also, the preference that you get will be more on completion of RN to MSN degree. The increase in pay is also commendable, with as little as $50,000 to $90,000. Also, when you gain the degree from a recognized university, you can make use of it in any state in US. And also the value of the degree gets added with the university from which you complete the course. So, make a correct selection of the university and add value to the degree. If you have just completed your associate degree, with no prior work experience, then this is the perfect course for you to enhance your career.

Get An Edge Over Others With BSN To MSN

To be competent in the competitive job market, you should be a step ahead from others. That too, with high growth in health care industry, more and more students enrol themselves to studies related to it. And, most of them are keen on completing a course which consumes less time. So, more often to start off, CNA is the choice of many. But, to earn more and take up a decent job, BSN degree is preferred. The number of students, who come out with BSN degree is increasing every day. If you want to get an edge over them in this competition of getting a highly paid job, then you need some better qualification. BSN to MSN comes into picture at this instant. With a MSN (Master Science of Nursing) degree, you can add points to your resume and make through the job interviews easily.

Different programs to complete MSN degree

The things are made easier by different educational institutions, with the availability of a number of programs and you can choose the one which suits you the best. Even if you are already in work, you have an option to carry on with your BSN to MSN programs by working simultaneously. Here is a list of programs offered by different institutes.

  • Accelerated Programs: If you have already done your bachelors degree in nursing and looking for completion of second degree, then accelerated programs are apt for you. This program from BSN to MSN offers you the degree in lesser time. Also, the joining formalities are little complicated, as only the brightest students are taken into for this program. You can complete in a lesser time than the regular program and save a lot of time.
  • Distance Education: This program is specifically designed for working professionals, who do not have enough time to spend in their second degree, but want one to improve their career path. In that case, you can register for online BSN to MSN program and study at your own phase. This program does not have any minimum time limit for completion and it depends entirely on your potential to complete it. BSN to MSN online programs work on the earning of credits, and if you earn a particular number of credits in less time, then you can complete the course earlier too.
  • Direct MSN Programs: You can also earn the second degree directly from RN to BSN to MSN. To enrol for this program, you should already have to be registered nurse and take up the associated degree course to get an admission for this direct program. This especially is good for fresh students to take up. This direct program will be easy to study, as you will be in touch with the subjects continuously for 3 to 4 years and complete the entire degree at one go. Completion of RN BSN MSN at a stretch can also be done through online programs, without affecting your current job.

Grants for Program completion

The fee for completion of either regular or BSN to MSN programs online, is little costly and you have to spent that amount to get the degree. If fee is the only concern which stops you from enrolling for the course, then you longer have to worry upon it. A number of grants and financial aids are available for the most eligible students. Especially if you a good academic record, then you can very well obtain scholarships either fully or partially. After getting the grants, you have to consistently perform throughout your course, to get aid throughout the course completion.
You can also get scholarships for RN to BSN to MSN program, with the score that you have got in completion of your associate degree. Preference is always given to regular programs rather than online courses. But, there are also separate scholarships provided by the university that you plan to join, for online courses. You can avail those and make the best use of it.

Application for the program

You can apply for the MSN degree, with the score that you have obtained from BSN degree. Based on your academic records, you will be shortlisted and an interview will have to attend after that. On successful completion of the interview, you will be admitted for the course. This procedure is especially complicated, when you are applying for a fast track or accelerated program. In case of BSN to MSN online programs, the procedure is less complicated.

Jobs that knock your door

After completion of BSN to MSN programs, you will have a huge number of job opportunities knocking at your door. And the increase in salary that you may get is huge from $60,000. Also, this can go up to $90,000 based on your performance in the interview and also your academic records. If you have previous experience, along with this MSN degree, you can get any job for sure. Through this program, you can also make specialization and take up the job that you are more interested. Also, when you apply for any job, when you have a second degree, you will be given preference over those who have just a single degree. In this way, you can easily avoid competition.

From now on do not worry upon your career anymore, just apply for a MSN degree and choose the program that suits you best. On successful completion of the course, you will get any specialized job easily.